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Innobot kit

 Innobot Kit

Price: $156.99

Features Parts Download Application
Build your first robot with this entry level kit. Not only will you learn autonomous maneuvering by programming the robot in innoBasic Language, but also gain hands-on experience in electronics and mechanical principles.


All listed parts are included in the kit.
Basic Commander
BC1 - Basic Commander
The BC is core module which stores the programs of the robot's performance. More...

Price: $45.00

Education board
Education Board
Command Board and a bread board for additional electronic components. Dim: 10 cm x 8.4 cm. More...
Price: $35.00

S03T-STD - Plastic Servo
Speed (sec/60°): 33
Torque (kg-cm)/(0z-in): 7.20/100
Weight (g/oz): 46.0/1.62
Size: 39.5 x 20.0 x 39.5mm
Price: $11.00

Working Materials
Electronics components for building your own circuit for testing and learning.
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  • Innobot Instruction Manual

  • Here are some projects for your Innobot:
    • Line Follower
    • Make a Police Car with siren sound and flashing lights
    • Bot racing: one way or round trip
    • Maze travelling

    If you have innovative project ideas, we like to hear from you. Please send them to robots@kowatec.com, or share your ideas in our Forum.

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